Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thunderstone Advance Towers of Ruin

Thunderstone Advance Towers of Ruin Review

Thunderstone Advance Towers of Ruin Feature

  • A Learn to Play booklet to get new players going right away.
  • Improved card design and layout for easy play. A two-sided game board for smooth setup in the village and the dungeon.
  • Familiars join the fight to aid your quest.
  • Powerful new Thunderstone Bearers lurk in every dungeon.
  • 11 new heroes! 9 new monster groups! 19 new village cards!

Thunderstone Advance Towers of Ruin Overview

Thunderstone Advance features all-new art, brand new cards, and completely revised rules, all designed to help games run faster. New mechanics include allied familiars, and villainous Thunderstone Bearers!And, for the first time, Thunderstone Advance features a storyline, allowing deeper immersion into the game.Thunderstone Advance is designed to be compatible with existing Thunderstone cards, but requires no previous knowledge to play. Thunderstone Advance is the perfect starting point for new players, and a serious level up for experienced players.

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